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For more guidance on the legal obligations see section 9 of the Assessment and Reporting Arrangements. Local authority name Percentage of schools below the floor standard Blackpool. They use the top TWO paragraphs of the story to complete this grid: But we know there is more to do and there are still too many areas with simply unacceptable levels of attainment for disadvantaged pupils.

Is there one subject which is impacting on children gaining expected standard across all 3 subjects? Many schools in this situation use our weekly 1-to-1 maths intervention to make an immediate dramatic impact on their SATs results for the following year, particularly with the borderline and below ARE pupils.

The exact details of this cap will be revealed when the Technical Guidance is updated to include the average scores per PAG.

Three key questions to ask: The revised figures include additional data such as that submitted after the initial deadline, data released following the completion of maladministration investigations and outcomes from KS2 marking reviews and amendments made by schools during the checking exercise.

First, brainstorm school events which would make a good news item. The scaled score required to gain the expected standard in Maths has increased compared to both and Go through their papers against the published mark scheme, making sure you agree with the marking decisions.

Any unplanned revisions will be made in accordance with our statistical policy statement on revisions. The percentage of pupils gaining the expected standard on all measures has increased, but this increase has been less marked in Maths than in the other measures.

The rest of the story may answer the four Ws in more details and also the fifth W - Why? Previously published figures National curriculum assessments at key stage 2, revised.

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If the SATs results are good, then there is cause to celebrate. Local authority district level figures Local authority district level figures will be published in the revised publication in December.

Remember to take into account any special consideration and children who will be disapplied into account when calculating your percentages. Choose form and content to suit a particular purpose. Remember, despite what it may seem like, intervention based on being below the floor is meant to designed to help and support schools.

For example, do you have a disproportionate number of children who gained expected standard in Reading and Writing but not in Maths? The way KS1 point scores are calculated remains the same each year. This compares to 57 in and 60 in Children can be discounted when all of the following apply: Remember, any more negative trends can begin to form part of your plan for next year.

Primary school performance tables Earlier this year that the DfE mentioned that they are putting in steps measures to help reduce the impact of pupils with disproportionately negative progress scores i.

Of course, if your results are fantastic, then make sure you shout from the rooftops about them!

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At this point you need to either take a complete overhaul of your whole school maths strategy or seek an effective intervention. If so, if this a pattern from previous years, or something new for this year?

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In pairs, students show each other the grid. What do you notice about the paragraphs? You can find the tables and data here. You should also note any marking errors that go in your favour these do happen! Being aware of the points you may lose as well as win is key here!Bring maths alive with a fully interactive, online tool for school and home Events near you!

Find your nearest professional development workshops, training and free local events. KS2 Maths. Year 3 Maths; Year 4 Maths; Year 5 Maths; Year 6 Maths; Mastery- maths; 2D Shape. Properties of 2D shape; Writing a press release. Write the press release explaining the events on April 1st.

Key Stage 2 books. Stormbreaker - Anthony Horowitz. Press release 22, pupils improve their reading, writing and maths since Attainment rises and gap between disadvantaged pupils and peers continues to close in primary schools.

National curriculum assessments at key stage 2 in England, 2018 (interim)

Newsround launched its new Press Pack club on Monday 6 June. It is jam-packed with tips on how to become a top journalist. Students learn the journalistic skill of writing a press release.

Pupils take tests (commonly referred to as SATs) in reading, maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) and receive a teacher assessment (TA) in reading, writing, maths and science. How to write a Press Release.

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KS2 Sats Results 2018: How To Look At The Data And Plan The Next Steps For Your School

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Writing a press release ks2 maths
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