Writing a press release for a product launch event

This press release gave us exposure in several dog magazines, including San Diego Dog and NOVADog Virginiaonline media such as Edge Media Network, a local radio station, and with local charities who promoted the event in their area.

It may be a good idea to write this section last, after you have written the rest of the press release. Survey Majority of employees would choose certain perks over standard salary increase Jacel Egan, Media Relations Coordinator, TechnologyAdvice We conduct research studies throughout the year on various topics that we feel are relevant and of interest to our target audience.

Send the press release out in a timely fashion. The final thing to consider regarding your press release is how much editing it will take. A community bank exists because of personal relationships and hometown service, so it was important to recognize this strong legacy and presence in our community after 80 years.

If you are just sending them out with no strategy or purpose involved, most of the time they simply fall on deaf ears. How to Write a Press Release for a Product: Quantify your argument and it will become much more compelling. The reader feels they are getting more value by attending than staying away.

If the venue is historic or ties in with your event in some way or the date coincides with history or a special anniversary with your company, mention this. Informal data such as trends in behavior mined from your internal data stores can be an interesting piece.

For example, a company might write a press release after releasing a new product, to share the results of a quarterly earnings report or to announce that a new CEO has been hired. There is a source of natural color that cannot be replicated: Anna started her writing career as a research and writing assistant for eBooks on various niches.

You need to grab your reader within the first few words. This is the public persona you wish to project for your company. One was to increase our number of applicants, and the other was to create a little buzz about our expected growth.

For best results, include the unique selling points of your product in the header. Worst case, a badly-written press release simply makes your firm look clueless and stupid.

Top 40 Press Release Examples from the Pros

Of course there are many more examples but this can give you a head start. Spend most of your time to come up with a good headline. I discovered that the first crossword puzzle was published and that Robert Mondavi was born parking a wine special in the tavernamong other exciting happenings, including the institution of the dreaded federal income tax.

And what better way to do that but to double the donations during the month of March. It starts with the most important information: Most people think that you can only submit a press release when your business releases a new product or wins an award.

Using an empty template for your news release.

How To Write a Press Release, with Examples

Contact your top outlets personally. Those are the nuts and bolts of writing a press release for an event. Cupid in your network Research findings can be used to generate exposure for your company in settings that range from very formal to fairly informal.

The first two have a little biz-blab in them, but are still reasonably effective. The subsequent paragraphs should be for supporting information.

8 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release

Make it grammatically flawless. Today, most companies send press releases via email, though some send press releases through the mail or via fax. Get right to the point in the first paragraph. Follow these eight tips to write a great press release that will make your company look professional, accessible and attractive to writers looking for stories.

Your headline is the first thing a reader sees, so it should grab attention. Keep the text simple and stick to the critical elements of the information.

How to Write a Press Release to Launch a New Product

My strategy was to present FreightCenter as an exciting place to work where there are many opportunities to grow.Five ready-to-use news release templates Product launch Use this template to outline your product launch in a proven format that explains your product's benefits.

Build newsrooms, write and edit news, publish press kits, manage contacts, pitch the media, and get automatically generated reports - in one tool. Step 1: Press Release Writing Scott’s Marketplace’s senior director of content marketing, Shannon Willoby, says that press release headlines must be straightforward, and, of course, newsworthy — but don’t be afraid to get a little creative with them.

Keep the press release short and to the point, writing an excellent summary of the product launch announcement. Include quotes from company leaders if appropriate, as well as any hyperlinks, photos, videos, charts and other visuals that might be helpful for understanding the announcement.

Jun 09,  · How to Write a Press Release. Three Methods: Sample Press Releases Making it Pop Mastering the Format Community Q&A. Start a press release with an attention-grabbing headline in bold font.

Begin the body copy with the date and city that the release is from. Your lead sentence should be a concise summary of the subject of 83%(59).

Five ready-to-use news release templates

Opening paragraph: The opening paragraph has to be strong and include pertinent information, namely what the press release is about, who it affects, and why they should read or act upon it.

If you talk of an event or launch, you. Press releases are an essential element of any public relations strategy. These short, compelling documents detail product releases, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company.

Writing a press release for a product launch event
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