Virtual enterprise business plan rubric

Another way the COO ensures that work is getting done efficiently is through quarterly evaluations.

You should also use this time to communicate what you would like to or what needs to be done as a company. Print out a signup sheet and talk to people about whether they are wanting to make the commitment.

They must be ready to help out where needed and should make sure the booth is completely set up. Must be willing and able to take a hands-on approach in leading the company to the next level of growth. This position requires a high level of multitasking, conducting evaluations and positive reinforcement of the company staff.

The COO has the main responsibility of handling the day-to-day operations in the classroom. Event invitations need to be mailed out to partners, school administration and others for the grand opening.

Go over rubrics with the team and find the recurring factors from the judges Follow the rubric and guidelines for the business plan During each presentation ensure that the business plan looks presentable Schedule when the business plan team will go out and buy their suits COO Chief Operations Officer Description: Chief Operation Officer handles the day to day operations and all internal business departments.

Set a schedule for the business plan to follow Lead the discussion to figure out all aspects of the business Assign people on which section to write for the business plan.

If time permits, showing them a video of a bp presentation would be best. This person must be willing to lead by example and by holding others accountable for their responsibilities to the company. Each week you will meet with the upper management team and department VPs to get updates from them on progress within their departments as it relates to the company strategic plan.

Every quarter, the COO personally interviews each employee and asks them questions regarding their performance in the workplace.

On Dress for Success days you are to evaluate employees on their dress. Make sure each department is prepared to sell and that the website has all products up and visible. Develop a timeline to keep each department progress and company projects. Abilities of all Business Plan team members: Equally divide the presentation into parts for each member.

If more than 6 people that want to do business plan, discuss with the C. Strong emphasis will be on the coordination of the communication between all of the departments.

Every day you are to evaluate the employees on their attitude, productivity, teamwork cooperation, and attendance. If a trade show is approaching, it is your job to make sure all applications, registration, and photo agreement forms are filled out and submitted.

Give them a few days to become familiar with their lines. Create a Google Drive folder for the Company add folders for each department add all employees. This evaluation directly affects their grade in the class.(All rubrics found in Portal/Trade Shows/Bay Area/Competition Rubrics) Marketing Plan Presentation x Business Plan submissions should include the following elements Each Virtual Enterprise Company is asked to create a Marketing Plan.

The Marketing Plan. At the beginning of the year, create a small presentation to introduce the class to the business plan aspect of virtual enterprise.

MVHS Virtual Enterprise

If time permits, showing them a video of a bp presentation would be best. 2 INTRODUCTION Welcome to the twelfth annual Virtual Enterprises International National Business Plan Competition. This competition represents an opportunity for the Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) community to motivate and reward its best.

Top 6 National Business Plan Competition Presentations June 20, May Social Media Highlights June 1, LI Herald: “Memorial to offer virtual enterprise course” June 1, Advancing Academic Quality in Business Education Worldwide Example of a Business Plan Example of a Business Plan Evaluation Rubric 2 International Academy of Commerce and Business Enterprise School of Management Comprehensive Integrated Business Plan Evaluation Rubric Student: Evaluator: Date: For each of the business plan component areas.

PRESENTING YOUR BUSINESS PLAN: EVALUATION RUBRIC Team Members: _____ Total Points: _____ Grading Criteria Excellent 4 points Good 3 points Fair 2 points Inadequate 1 point Executive Summary Summary generated excitement, was brief, provided an overview of .

Virtual enterprise business plan rubric
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