The vegetable expert dr dg hessayon

All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. He gained a Bachelor of Science degree in botany from Leeds University.

On the British bestsellers list for the s, two Experts were in the Top The "Expert" guides[ edit ] A steady stream of publications followed the initial Be Your Own Gardening Expert, each maintaining the basic formula of down-to-earth writing with pictures, charts, and photographs.

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The book is ambitious in its breadth. Read up on safety in the garden first. Early life[ edit ] Hessayon is the son of a Cypriot landowner and grew up in SalfordLancashireEngland. Inhe went to the Gold Coast as a Research Fellow at the University College before returning to Manchester to obtain his doctorate in soil ecology.

Inhe travelled to the United States where he worked as the editor of a small town newspaper.

D. G. Hessayon

In substance, though, you sometimes wonder whether his heart is really in it. But like the majority of his books, there is plenty here that is useful, both for experienced gardeners who need a quick reference, and the novice who has no idea where to start. Fruit growing, for example, is dealt with briskly in a handful of pages.

Share via Email About to do some pruning? They are the gardening equivalent of the repair manual, belts and braces as opposed to froth, the polar opposite of the glossy coffee table book. But are these good enough reasons to ignore the books of DG Hessayon? Hessayon formulated the idea for his "Expert" guides to gardening.

In he was included in the Daily Mail list of "60 truly great Elizabethans" for "teaching millions of us how to garden". He was also awarded the Veitch Memorial Medal of the Royal Horticultural Society in for his contribution to the advancement and improvement of the science and practice of horticulture.

Though a fat volume by his standards, it races through subjects that elsewhere have had whole books devoted to them. Those that shun them as mere gardening-by-numbers are missing the point. Occasionally, even this venerable authority hits a duff note, suggesting he is unconvinced by some of this new age-y nonsense his publishers have forced him to cover.

Recently, you might have wondered whether the franchise was running dry as the doctor published books on cats and garden trivia.

Dr D G Hessayon: So, how does the expert’s garden grow?

His original publishers were Pan Britannica Industries, now part of Bayer, the German chemical company. And his nods to the use of glyphosate remind us that he once extolled the virtues of chemical fertilisers and weedkillers.

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The Vegetable Expert

It was whilst working for PBI that Dr. There are as of [update] over 20 "Expert" titles in 22 languages and in Britain their sales continue to dominate the gardening paperback lists.

The links are powered by Skimlinks. I would say that the Expert Books have been the biggest innovation in gardening publications since the death of William Robinson in — Recognition[ edit ] Inhe received the first-ever Lifetime Achievement award at the British Book Awards.- The Green Garden Expert, by Dr DG Hessayon, is published by Transworld, priced £ This article contains affiliate links, which means we.

The New Vegetable & Herb Expert [D. G. Hessayon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The bestselling guide to everything you need to know about vegetables, now updated to include all the new varieties available and up-to-the minute advice about beating pests and diseases.

David Gerald Hessayon (born ) is a British author and botanist of Cypriot descent who is known for a best-selling series of gardening manuals known as the "Expert Guides" under his title Dr.

D. G. Hessayon. Dave Hessayon is the gardening writer most people have never heard of – even though they probably have at least one of his Expert gardening guides on their bookshelf.

The unassuming botanist and. He wrote lots of different books on gardening, from The House Plant Expert to The Vegetable Expert. All of his Expert Books are really detailed and full of great information! The various books describe gardening techniques, names of different plants (common names and botanical names) and give lots of detailed diagrams.

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The vegetable expert dr dg hessayon
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