The events and effects of the deadly december 2004 tsunami

There was tremendous loss of life and property in the Hawaiian Islands, in Japan and elsewhere in the Pacific.

A typical offshore tsunami wave can have an amplitude A of 1 metre and a wavelength L of the order of Jumlah ini dua kali lipat lebih besar daripada total energi semua bahan peledak yang dipakai selama Perang Dunia II termasuk dua bom atomnamun masih dua level kekuatan lebih rendah daripada energi yang dilepasan saat gempa itu sendiri.

Fenomena ini membingungkan banyak ilmuwan, karena tsunami yang tercatat di beberapa titik di Amerika Selatan ukurannya lebih besar daripada yang tercatat di sebagian wilayah Samudra Hindia. Geologists note that as unusual, since earthquakes of magnitude 8 or more occur only about once per year on average.

Kawasan pesisir yang terhalang oleh daratan dari titik asal tsunami biasanya aman, tetapi gelombang tsunami kadang ber difraksi mengitari daratan tersebut. Other majorly affected areas were Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Poorer nations are usually in the greatest need of early warning technology but the least able to pay for it.

People felt the shock waves of the earthquake across the planet; as far away as the U. Hampir semua anggota suku Onge dikabarkan selamat dari tsunami. Tsunami lebih sering terjadi di Samudra Pasifik karena gempa di wilayah " Cincin Api " dan sistem peringatan tsunami sudah lama dipasang di sana.

Hurtling forward at the speed of a jetliner, with some waves reaching a fearful, towering height of 30 meters feetthe tsunami of traveled quickly, radiating out from the epicenter of the earthquake.

Tsunamis occur much more frequently in the Pacific Ocean because of earthquakes in the "Ring of Fire," and an effective tsunami warning system has long been in place there.

Tsunami Dates and History

Dari seluruh momentum seismik yang dilepaskan semua gempa bumi dalam kurun tahun dari sampaiseperdelapannya diakibatkan oleh gempa Sumatera-Andaman.

While the Japanese island of Honshu is believed to have shifted about eight feet to the east, the entire planet Earth is estimated to have shifted about four inches on its axis as a result of the earthquake. Seismogram disusun secara vertikal berdsarkan jarak dari episentrum dalam hitungan derajat.

Jumlahnya besar karena persentase anak di dalam masyarakat di daerah-daerah terjangan tsunami sangat tinggi dan anak-anak tidak sanggup menghadapi naiknya permukaan air. The largest aftershock, originating off the coast of the Sumatran island of Nias, registered a magnitude of 8. This quake, together with the Good Friday earthquake Alaskaand the Great Chilean earthquakeaccount for almost half of the total moment.

The Earth began to shake violently, and a great chasm opened up in the ground, following the fleeing lawless ones and swallowing them as they fled towards the flatlands.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

The surface waves can be clearly seen to reinforce near the antipode with the closest seismic stations in Ecuadorand to subsequently encircle the planet to return to the epicentral region after about minutes.

But Tsunami expert Charles Mader advises " This clip gives a wonderful view from the veranda of the house. Retreat and rise cycle The tsunami constituted a succession of several waves, occurring in retreat and rise cycles with a period of over thirty minutes between each peak.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

Permukaan patahan seluas 1. The area toward the sea was wiped clean of nearly every structure, while closer to the river dense construction in a commercial district showed the effects of severe flooding. From Cape Shipursky to Cape Povorotny, the tsunami waves ranged from 1 to 10 meters and caused considerable loss of life and damage.

Gempa bumi dan tsunami Samudra Hindia 2004

In February scientists revised the estimate of the magnitude to 9. We at Goudas Foods sympathize with the victims and would like to encourage those left behind to continue with their lives.

In addition to many local tsunamis generated within the Prince William Sound, vertical crustal displacements averaging 1. Aftermath[ edit ] The first anniversary ceremonies were held amongst the rebuilt town alongside the repaired railway, which still operates a Colombo to Galle service, employing the same guard, W.

Kontur peta mewakili jeda 1 jam.

2004 Sri Lanka tsunami train wreck

Para wisatawan dan warga lokal diungsikan ke daerah tinggi menggunakan bus. Big Earthquake Looms for Chile - a long way from Australia but a potential tsunami threat. No tsunami warning systems in the Indian Ocean exist to detect tsunamis or to warn the general populace living around the ocean.

The earthquake triggered the Tsunami within minutes. Recent tourism stats indicate that Thailand tourism has rebounded nicely since the Boxing Day Tsunami but is now being affected by other issues, namely a sluggish, if not downright awful, global economy, but occupancies at Phuket resorts showed an increase in September For flexibility in circulating the document non-ASCII characters have been avoided and Fortran style formulae have been used: Tsunami yang mengakibatkan kerusakan di daerah yang jauh dari sumbernya kadang disebut teletsunami dan kemungkinan besar tercipta oleh gerakan dasar laut secara vertikal, bukan horizonal.

For instance, rebuilding had begun in Patong within 6 months of the disaster, and about a year later there were few remaining scars of the event. Where And How Frequently Are Tsunamis Generated Tsunami waves are generated in large water bodies like oceans and seas, as these waves consist of large volumes of water disturbed by natural or artificial impacts.The Effects Which a Natural Disaster can have on a Country - A natural disaster is an event caused by natural destructive factors, which can be further divided into either climatic disasters such as floods and tornados, or geological disasters such as earthquakes, which consequently lead to great physical damage or life loss (Bankoff, The Indian Ocean earthquake, known by the scientific community as the great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, an undersea earthquake, occurred at UTC ( local time) December 26,with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, earthquake triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts.

Armenian Relief Society Inc., Roubina Chapter. To: Mr. Goudas 16 Dec On Behalf of the Armenian Society (A.R.S.) Roubina Chapter, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind donation of food products to our society.

Tsunami generated by impacts Although, for a given location on the Earth's surface, the risk of a "direct" hit from an asteroid is slight, researchers realized that an ocean impact had the potential to be much more destructive due to the effects of tsunami.

Boxing Day Tsunami. On December 26,an undersea earthquake in the Indian Ocean with a magnitude of approximately – the third largest ever recorded – triggered a deadly and catastrophic tsunami, now known as the Boxing Day Tsunami. The Sri Lanka tsunami-rail disaster is the largest single rail disaster in world history by death toll, with probably 1, fatalities or occurred when a crowded passenger train was destroyed on a coastal railway in Sri Lanka by a tsunami which followed the Indian Ocean tsunami subsequently caused over 30.

The events and effects of the deadly december 2004 tsunami
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