Scholastic art and writing awards 2016 winners so you think

How did you find the process of participating in a contest and what was your course of action? I knew that I wanted to focus on writing. I found out about the contest through Facebook. Although his work did not qualify for national judging, he was recognized with the Silver Key award.

What was your motivation? I was fortunate to have my AP teachers critique my work, and one of the teachers sponsored me. I had to make a decision about which category I was going to enter. I would say the most important thing is that you enjoy writing the piece.

I am pretty sure that I was still in revision mode as I was preparing to submit my entry. So what were the next steps in this process?

There were some mixed emotions. I was a little scared once I was finished. Your sponsor teacher becomes your partner during this process and must be available to review your work. Someone was going to be judging my writing. The piece was a part of a larger idea I was developing. I have a very special connection with the contest this year.

It will be an exciting evening for all. I still wish I had an extra week to work out kinks I may have been blind to at that moment. What prompted you to go through the application process?

I had to come to the decision that I was finished and to leave it alone. A promotional ad appeared on my page and I was curious. There were many categories and subdivisions of writing that some may have had a hard time choosing.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: 2016 national winners announced!

Enjoyment really comes across to the reader and it will encourage them to enjoy it as well. My son Chad submitted a written piece.

As a writer, I felt like these awards would be a great way to break into the industry if I was able to do anything successful.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

I felt that if I kept looking at it that I might mess it up. What was your story about? What advice would you give to potential applicants for next year? I wish that I could say that there was a sense of relief when I hit the submit button. This scholarship contest has been held annually since The Scholastic Awards are the nation’s leading source for recognizing the achievements of creative teens, and we want you to be a part of it.

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Local students win Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Talented teen artists an d writers from around the country have the opportunity to participat e in a nationwide contest, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Each year, the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers partners with Scholastic in search of the best and most creative teen works. Art Portfolio includes the former category of Photography Portfolio. Writing Portfolio includes the former categories of Writing Portfolio Nonfiction and Writing Portfolio General.

Drawing and Illustration includes the former category Drawing. ( Scholastic/Kodak Photo Awards winner) The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and our sponsors at 3D Systems think you – our students and teachers – already know!

Innovation and originality have been at the heart of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for the past 90 years. A record-breakingworks of art and writing were submitted for adjudication at the regional level in the Awards’ 29 categories, which include poetry, photography, sculpture, humor, editorial cartoons, video game design and more.

According to a press release, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards has been held annually sinceand past winners have included Robert Redford, Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, Richard Linklater.

Scholastic art and writing awards 2016 winners so you think
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