Role of new media in reporting emergencies in nigeria

Journalists were also advised to avoid getting too close to patients as much as possible, for example, it was noted that in most cases photographers can avoid getting close to patients but still take good pictures. However, these concerns are nothing new.

Public health emergencies A public health emergency can be defined as an unexpected event that has an impact on the lives of people, explained Dr.

Sources indicate that this was possible because Nigeria mobilized its resources and took the necessary suppression measures quickly and efficiently. Yellow Journalism The media has influenced politics throughout American history. Although most journalists today still practice objective journalism, more and more are beginning to analyze and interpret the material they present, a practice called interpretive reporting.

The number of jobs lost is believed to have continued falling in Nigeria immediately mobilized the relevant government institutions and allocated the necessary funds to take prevention and suppression measures, particularly to conduct wide contact-tracing investigations. It is also time that African youths began to look inwardly and source leaders from among themselves and relieve the elderly statesmen of the burden of leadership, as most of them have repeated leadership over and over, some have succeeded themselves for several times, some have gone round all the cadres and departments, reviewing down their retirement age and seem not yet ready to abdicate, while millions of young graduates stay idle in waiting for positions to occupy, when the elders might die.

The federal Quarantine Act, which remains in force today, is the primary law governing matters concerning public health crises in Nigeria. It would also mandate that the public health authority provide information to the public regarding the declaration or termination of a state of public health emergency, the precautions that members of the public need to take in order to protect themselves from the prevailing danger that caused the emergency, and the actions that the relevant authorities are taking to address the emergency.

Legislative Powers As noted above, the declaration of a state of emergency permits the legislature to pass laws that may otherwise be unconstitutional.

That is to say it is very hard if not impossible to see a leader exercising justice, fairness, accountability and transparency over nightly, unless and except he was taught, bred and trained morally to exert these ideals in his personal as well as official interactions. One should also wear a mask when there is a risk of contracting airborne diseases such as TB, measles and chickenpox.

Thus, the media acts as an effective check on government power and influence over its citizens. Therefore, even if it could be argued that the media cannot exactly influence people directly, they can most certainly have a strong influence on what issues people are made aware of or exposed to.

In the same month, the E. For example, horrific images from the battlefield or a controversial medical study can invoke a massive response.

Global report: 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2017

Our data suggest that news organizations have imposed more cutbacks in their Internet operations than in their old media, and where the investment has come is in technology for processing information, not people to gather it. This is why the importance of a free press cannot be under-estimated.

BoxKano, Nigeria. Using the media monitoring services of Meltwater GroupCARE analysed those natural disasters or conflicts that received the least media attention in The level of inaccuracy noticed is even higher when the public has first-hand knowledge of a news story.

It was attended by journalists from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. The good ideal of morality, loyalty, sincerity, selflessness and patriotism and discipline have to be seriously taught and practically demonstrated to the up coming leaders of Africa before the continent could rise from its slumber and progress.

Every journalist surely also knows that the old-time standards The media in Nigeria ought to use this function of offering solution to encourage leaders to always stick to budgetary provisions and avoid indulging in extra budgetary spending, which leads to embezzlement of public funds.

Banza-Mutoka noted that this can be done through: High levels of inaccuracies Public confidence in the media, already low, continues to slip.

WHO urges journalists on safety while reporting public health emergencies

General Provisions As noted above, the Quarantine Act the Act is the primary law governing the prevention and suppression of dangerous infectious diseases. The US ranks at the very bottom with a pathetic 0.

Although there were crisis of election rigging and malpractices along the transitional course, yet the media remained dutiful by avoiding actions that could have derailed the entire motive of the transition. If this were happening in any other profession or power center in American life, the media would be all over the story, holding the offending institution up to a probing light.

A UNHCR-led initiative is replacing firewood with LPG fuel here to prevent environmental degradation and protect vulnerable refugees from sexual and gender-based violence. But when our own profession is the offender, we go soft.

Certainly, some issues are subjective, hence there can be no universal line of thought, and requiring all news organizations to passively report only what they see and not include an analytical perspective, would to a certain degree, defeat the purpose of having a free press. Even with such efforts, owners of media empires have adapted by swiftly embracing new technology and expanding to different broadcast media such as private terrestrial and satellite TV.activated an internal Level 3 emergency for Nigeria on 23 August and immediately developed scale-up plans for the humanitarian response with a geographical focus on MMC /Jere in Maiduguri targeting.

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Strategies for Working with the Mass Media During Emergencies 0 0. more. Strategies for Working with the Mass Media During Emergencies. June 10, Today’s news consumers play an active role.

Journalists play critical role during emergencies Journalistic skills for reporting emergencies Prue Clarke, a media development specialist urged journalists to.

PERSPECTIVE ROLE OF MEDIA IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT Pradeep Nair * Communication is an important part of disaster prevention international help) is the main function of mass media and management.

This paper analyses the watchdog role played by the media in Nigeria' s current The media, in the New World order, have emerged as a crucial part of the apparatus for vetting and legitimising elections. Conceived here broadly as the print and The Media and Democracy Rule in Nigeria.

Reporting on violence and emergencies: a forum for media in Asia shared International Committee of the Red Cross's video. · May 3 .

Role of new media in reporting emergencies in nigeria
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