Rationale of computerized enrollment system

The Importance of Computerized Enrollment System Essay

The database is designed for use by staff and other authorized user in the college office to enable them to easily produce information required by the different people in the college. This information here can be viewed in just a second without worrying that a single file is lost.

For Old Students First, the all Student Accounts must be cleared first; they must check the student accounts, check the balance, and then clearance signing. And one of the solutions in this problem is to make their manual enrollment into a computerized system.

Most school uses computer to help their students deal in our modern technology. After that the student will submit the pre-registration form so that the subjects will be encoded.

As student enrollees increase every year, enrollment procedure become harder to deal. The idea behind a enrollment system is not a new concept.

This will only serve to increase the problem facing enrollment that provides more easy way in enrolling. Then the student must also get a recommendation to shift.

The Enrollment System will also store the data of the students such as name, section, schedule and fees paid. If the student is a scholar the student will go to the students accounts and submit the temporary COR.

Theoretical Background for Computerized Enrollment System Essay Sample

They will encode the student information and also they will assign an ID number for the student. The University of Southeastern Philippines adopted new enrollment system for this school year The system will make the work of faculty and staff faster, easier and more comprehensive.

This enrollment system not only allows international students to enroll through internet without traveling to the campus but also incorporates the business rules.

With the business and user interface, the system is able to run the workflow of student enrollment from the online enrollment form to approval workflow cycle running parallel with the notification capability. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Thus, the proponents gathered necessary data that will help in the progress of enhancing the existing system.

Enrollment system is useful especially when the school retrieves the important information from the student.The Enrollment System is a system by which the students transact business with the school, by knowing what section they belong through evaluating their grades by the teachers.

In every year, it is expected that enrollees are increasing and the schedule of the enrollment system of. Enrollment System Project Rationale. 1 Introduction The Computerized Enrollment System for Nuevo Zamboanga College, Inc. is a type of enrollment system which will provide the needed and storing information in a faster.

Enrollment System Essay

Computerized Enrollment System. CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY AND ITS SETTINGS Introduction Computerization is a control system that manages processes in industrial workplace.5/5(3).

Computerized Enrollment System Words | 22 Pages ABSTRACT The Computerized Enrolment System was proposed in replacement of the manual process of enrollment in public high schools for it to have an organized flow of transaction and an ease of work. Chapter 1 Computerized Enrollment System for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School Introduction Background of the Problem Overview of the Current State of the Technology.

The Computerized Enrollment System for Nuevo Zamboanga College, Inc. is a type of enrollment system which will provide the needed and storing information in a faster, more convenient way by storing file of the student enrollees in a computer system that will lessen the effort of faculty staff in storing files of each student every now and then.

Rationale of computerized enrollment system
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