Questionnaire of status of working women

The co-investigators interviewed the patients and filled out the questionnaire. New Solut ;17 Scand J Psychol ;40 1: The study population had a majority with good educational background and representation from all walks of life including laborers at one extreme to professionals at the other.

The situation for urban women is not much different. There is extra understanding and support from the family side in majority of cases but more need to be done.

This finding testifies to the fact that the deteriorating economic situation is forcing more women to work in order to support their families. Those who venture out to work already have confidence required for such activity.

J Egypt Public Health Assoc ;77 SPSS computer software was used for data management. This testifies to the fact that the working conditions for working women are improving. The research project was conceived, developed and its conduct supervised by the Principal Investigator.

Med Sci Paris ;22 Since we interviewed a population visiting a teaching hospital for treatment, the results cannot be generalized to the rest of the population. A working woman not only has enhanced prospects because of their better financial status but also because of their enhanced opportunities for social interactions.


Psychol Med ;37 8: The interviews were conducted throughout the study period and no specific timings were followed. A substantial number sixty three An agreement was reached between the co-investigators on how to administer the questionnaire in order to ensure uniformity. Confidence in working women is higher than non-working women according to a majority of the respondents.

Health promotion activities among working and non working adult women. Domestic help was available to eighty nine As a result in Sri Lanka for example, over 50 percent of the population and the labor force of 6.WOMEN’S QUESTIONNAIRE This appendix contains the women’s questionnaire.

The original was printed in an /2- by inch format. Although greatly reduced, this representation otherwise proportionally preserves the amount of white space and the font in the original questionnaire.

April 6, November 16, Naaree Admin Women Empowerment, Women's Interests, Women's Issues, Working Women Although, we all like to think that India has become more welcoming to women who are working outside the home, there are some fundamental problems faced by working woman, as was the case even two decades.

Mental Health of working women is (Moderate) and for non- women and 40 housewives were randomly selected from Surendra working women is (Moderate).The difference of means is In this organization are superiors receptive to suggestions of women subordinates?

Yes No Do you have of maternity leave in your unit? Therefore, the general community questionnaire was used. In Pakistan, a general screening and household questionnaire was used as well. Please note that in Pakistan, the husband questionnaire from India was used.

Questionnaire Name - Questionnaire on social status of women Questionnaire Details. looking for work (1) O- (Format 2) 7: What is your impression on the social status of women in Hong Kong?

(1:very low - 5:very .

Questionnaire of status of working women
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