Pest analysis of an insurance company

In the time of recession there will be less jobs and many people will not be able to pay the premium. The market orientation concept considers customer orientation, competitor orientation, and interfunctional coordination as illustrated in diagram 2 below.

If a child is insured and unfortunately his parents die then the company also covers the risk of the parents and pays the remaining premium for the child as well.

The model considers five forces or areas that are critical to the operations and success of a company including ease of entry, supplier power, buyer power, rivalry, and threat of substitution Porter Weakness In the top right box list weaknesses—things the firm does not have, cannot do at all or does poorly.

The main motivation for applying marketing concepts is to link the business with the customers, which is an effective strategy for attracting and retaining a solid customer base. They have their own internal union comprising mostly of the agents and the company works for the benefit of the agents.

However there are different policies for children inorder to pursue their further education after 18 years as well. Consider this from an internal and external basis.

Aviva has applied the concept of market segmentation with its car insurance product. Write down words that characterize the business. Threats No organization is immune to threats.

SWOT Analysis

Carrying out this analysis will often be illuminating—both in terms of pointing out what needs to be done, and in putting problems into perspective. From diagram 1 above, it is clear that the company has designed different car insurance choices for its customers. The company displays the customer reviews as a competitive strategy because other car insurance companies in the UK do not display customer reviews publicly.

Marketers use this strategy to target specific market segments with specific products or services that meet the specific needs of each segment Weinstein The main objective of this assignment is to analyse the application of marketing concepts in Aviva UK. The company runs its operations with the latest DAMS Data Accounting Management System software keeping track of all its costumers in all the branches.

Opportunities The lower left box is for opportunities. If most competitors offer quality service, then that is a necessity not a strength.saw the advent of life insurance business in India with the establishment of the Oriental Life Insurance Company in Calcutta.

This Company however failed in The term µpolitical risk¶ has a wider connotation than commonly understood or killarney10mile.comAL ANALYSIS OF INDIAN INSURANCE INDUSTRY PEST ANALYSIS I.

Certain type of 5/5(8). About QBE Insurance Group: QBE Insurance Group is one of the world's top 20 General Insurance and Reinsurance Companies.

The firm is headquartered at Sydney. It has operations in all the key.

Analysis of AVIVA Marketing

PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis) describes a framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management. Insurance is one of the service factor that are expected to continue to drive growth in the economy.

Strategic Analysis of Indian Life Insurance Industry PEST ANALYSIS POLITICAL FACTORS AFFECTING LIFE INSURANCE INDUSTRY: Within India political ambitions and rise of communalism, fissiparous tendencies are on the rise and may well continue for quite some time to time.5/5(69).

Nov 06,  · PEST Analysis: With reference to information provided by Marketing Manager Mr. DigVijay, Agent Mr. Shailendra Karna and Head of internal Operations Mrs.

Kalpana Aryal. Political Factors: The company is not affected by the political parties and their unions. Aviva is operating within the large UK insurance industry, which comprises of many other insurance companies.

There are various models for analysing a firm’s external environment including SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, BCG matrix, and Porter’s Five Forces among others (see GIRO 3).

Pest analysis of an insurance company
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