Motherboard specs

If you are unable to locate the model number of a motherboard, but can locate an FCC identification number, it is recommended that you perform a search using that instead. Thanks for all your help! PDF versions of these documents can be downloaded from the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer website.

That page contains sections about each of the motherboard form factors and information on how to distinguish each of them. Also, I cannot afford the specs you are asking- I can only get the bare minimum to run this.

How to find out my motherboard specifications

Hugh G Wreckshon Nov 22,4: Hello people, This is my first post here, so I hope I do Motherboard specs come off as annoying; anyway, I have a problem- I have googled for a lot of time, Motherboard specs could not find a way to find out my motherboard specifications without breaking open my computer.

I will, once I save enough, upgrade further, and I will then be back here jaquith Nov 22,4: On the System Summary screen, you will find the motherboard manufacturer System Manufacturer and motherboard model System Model.

Visually identifying Finally, every computer motherboard has a silk screened name of the model and the manufacturer printed on the motherboard. Other ways of locating hardware and other computer specifications. What does that mean? Select the Run option in the menu.

Replacement or repair Identifying through Windows or other utility You can view the manufacturer and model number in your Windows system using the System Information utility.

This PSU should be good, as it has all the recommended specs. Thanks to all that helped! Give me your opinions, please, and thanks to all that have contributed!

Errors that hurt only you are created on speculations. Windows 7 and earlier versions Open the Start Menu. Additional information about FCC numbers and how to search for information about them can be found on our FCC definition.

AMD Phenom X4 quad 2. Hugh G Wreckshon Nov 22,3: These documents can be downloaded directly from the computer manufacturer. This should be enough to run most of these games that are ports from PS3 and Xbox, I hope, right?

For these computers, we suggest referring to the technical documentation for the model of the computer. This utility provides a good bit of information about your computer.

At this point everything sees a little odd. On the nVidia site W is recommended.

Component Reviews

Tell me what you think of it, please as you can see, it comes with 1x 6pin connector. To access this utility, follow the steps below. Nov 20,4: The motherboard may also be listed Motherboard specs the BaseBoard. My current PSU is W- which is quite crap, seeing as I am running a quad core processor, and a graphics card with minimum of W recommended.

In the Run text field, type msinfo32 and press Enter. Motherboard form factor If you are looking for additional information about the type or form factor of the motherboard, see the form factor definition.Component reviews, ratings, and prices at CNET.

Find the Component that is right for you. Specifications: The USBPLATE4 4 port USB slot plate adapter converts the USB pins on your motherboard into four USB-A female ports, enabling you to add USB connections to the back of your PC. Backed by Lifetime Warranty, the USBPLATE4 is designed and constructed for maximum durability, to ensure dependable performance.

Do not change any jumper setting while the computer is on. Damage to the motherboard can result. Motherboard prices and specifications vary tremendously. And this isn't a choice that you can make in a vacuum, either, since it has an impact on almost every aspect of the system, from the CPU to the storage.

I have an xpsthe motherboard part number is YF I was wondering how to find the specifications differences between the YF and GR, which. Find Computer Motherboards on GlobalSpec by specifications.

How do I find what computer motherboard I have?

Computer motherboards are printed circuit boards (PCBs) that house basic computer circuitry and vital components. They are devices into which other computer boards or cards are plugged.

Motherboard specs
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