Merits and demerits of central tendency

When there are extreme values it is better to use median.

Merits of Median and Demerits

Demerits are that it may be theoretical and cannot be used for qualitative date. Like in the given example, marital status can be married, single, divorced or de facto. All of this creates many different levels of employment for people in a given community.

In situations involving tourist oriented corporations that return most of their profits to their own countries, the host communities are left to foot the bill for repairing the damages.

Find out the mode of the following series: It is quite a commonly used measure in the case of such series which are related to qualitative observation as and health of the student.

Method of Determining Mode 3. Median cannot be used for further algebraic treatment. Governments make policies and decisions knowing that if they are not in the interest of the masses then there is bound to be opposition and the next time during election,the people through the power of the thumb voting will vote the Government out.

Following are the various demerits of mode: Therefore, is the mode class. It may make these profits at the expense of its customers without serving them properly. The combination of these things can cause tension between the local residents and the tourist population.

The value of the variable which occurs most frequently in a distribution is called the mode. Tourism generated income can be used on a national and local level to better education, improve infrastructure, to fund conservation efforts, and to promote more responsible tourism.

Such a series is said to be multimodal series.

Merits and Demerits of Mode

Which is closest to the majority of the numbers. They express their views,have rights and enjoy certain privileges. The degradation of local infrastructure results from the heavy traffic of cars and tour buses. Mode of discrete series of data is determined easily because the figure with highest frequency is mode of the series.

What are measures of central tendency?

For open end intervals it is not necessary to know the length of open intervals. What are the advantages of measures of central tendency? If the number of series is even, we can only make its estimate; as the A.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Measures of Central Tendency

All three measures are identical in a normal distribution [ Figure 1a ]. Which is better between mean, median and mode also depends on which type of data are we considering. Determine the mode from the following data regarding the number of flowers per plant: In such a series there is no mode.

Mode is defined as the particular value which appears again and again for maximum number of times in a set of observations. For example, it may choose the market which is most profitable to operate in and leave lsss wealthy customers without a service. The tourism industry has a tendency to view local people as either a pool of waiters, bellhops, laundresses, and gardeners; or performers and spectacles for the tourists to see.The measures of central tendency are mean, median, and mode.

Themerits of mean are that it is easily calculated and easy tounderstands. Demerits are that it may be theoretical and cannot beused. In this article we will discuss about Mode: 1. Meaning of Mode 2. Method of Determining Mode 3. Merits 4. Demerits. Meaning of Mode: Mode is another unit of measurement of central tendency which is used to obtain a quick estimate of central tendency.

Merits And Demerits Of Central Tendency  Central Tendency and Measures of Variation Task 1: Define Population: Population is a complete group or collection of items or people selected to be used for a statistical study b.).

Measures of central tendency: Median and mode. Apart from the mean, median and mode are the two commonly used measures of central tendency. The median is sometimes referred to as a measure of location as it tells us where the data are.

This article describes about median, mode, and also the guidelines for selecting the. The measures of central tendency are mean, median, and mode.

The merits of mean are that it is easily calculated and easy to understands. Demerits are that it may be theoretical and cannot be used. advantages and disadvantages measures central tendency is a critical decision making criteria for several elements in Six Sigma.

Merits and demerits of central tendency
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