Languages of pakistan

French and English are National Language! The European languages are the most widely spoken in the world. More Information Palula [phl] Khyber Pakhtunkwa province: Infact, Canadians can learn all the languages, there really is nolimit, so technically, they can speak English, French, Spanish,Japanese, German, Portugese, Chinese, etc.

Thesami language is also spoken. Mani and Manzari are not used for dialects, but are said to refer to brothers whose descendants settled in the 2 dialect areas. English, French, probably some Gaelic. Both English and French are official Canadian languages, but most Canadians speak only one or the other at home Most frequently: It is written with a modified form of the Perso-Arabic alphabet —usually in Nastaliq script.

LahoreMultanDera Ghazi KhanKashmir and other subahs ex-Mughal provinces on the south and eastern side of Peshawar were under the Maratha rule for the most part.

A chain of related varieties with Punjabi [pnb]Hindko [hno][hnd]and Saraiki [skr]also called Greater Punjabi. No English is NOT one of the offishle languages in Pakistan They speak a lot of languages since the country is huge, but their national language is urdu mixture of Arabic, Turkish and Hindi.

Rakshani is the major dialect group in terms of numbers.

Punjab, Pakistan

Swat district; upper Swat district, both sides of Swat river, north of Madyan up to Asret Bahrain dialect ; 2 villages in Chail valley Chail dialect. French is predominantly spoken in Quebec, most of the people in the other provinces choose English as their first language.

Diamer district, Gilgit; Khyber Pakhtunkwa province: Kalat is standard dialect, Jharawan is lowland. Western Gujari, Eastern Gujari.

Languages of Pakistan

More Information Mankiyali [nlm] Khyber Pakhtunkwa province: Gandhara was conquered by the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BC. English and French are official languages. More Information Kati [bsh] Khyber Pakhtunkwa province: Eastern Kativiri dialect often called Shekhani in Pakistan, but different from Kamviri [xvi] dialect also called Shekhani in Southern Chitral.List of people from Punjab, Pakistan List of Punjabi people: Some people who were born in area currently part of Punjab, Pakistan and.

Pakistan is home to many dozens of languages spoken as first languages. Five languages have more than 10 million speakers each in Pakistan – Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Saraiki and all of Pakistan's languages belong to the Indo-Iranian group of the Indo-European language family.

English is the official language of Pakistan. Urdu is the national language despite not being a native language or being the mother tongue of any native group in the country.

There are also provincial languages, Balochi language, Pashto, Saraiki, Sindhi and Punjabi, and one state language (Kashmiri language). Pakistan is heir to one of the. Speakers in Pakistan running out of marriage possibilities and may have to move to India. The Indian group is most influential.

Other Aer people in Nawabshah, Sindh reportedly speak a different language, dress differently, and do not intermarry with this group.

Pakistan's long and rich history has contributed to the high linguistic diversity of the country.

What languages are spoken in Canada?

Urdu is the official language of the country. Pakistan, a country in South Asia, is the sixth most populous country in the world. The country encompasses an area ofsquare km, the 36th largest. There are many languages in Pakistan depending on what province youare in.

The national languages are Urdu and English.

Languages of pakistan
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