Is water the new oil

As Tony Allan says: And, as the population keeps growing and getting richer, and global warming changes the climate, experts are warning that unless something is done, billions more will suffer lack of water - precipitating hunger, disease, migration and ultimately conflict.

But for most, the problem is drudgery. From Wadi Esseir to the arid American Midwest, farmers either do not pay for water or pay a fraction of what homeowners pay, so they have less incentive to conserve it and might deprive suppliers of funds to improve infrastructure.

Water Is The New Oil

Meanwhile Barcelona was so desperate that it began importing tankers of water from cities along the coast. But sometimes we might have to accept defeat. All these dams and irrigation channels and pumps and pipes allow billions of people to run up a gigantic global water overdraft.

The water-centric lens made it dramatically clear that in every era control and manipulation of water has been a central fulcrum of power and wealth and a precondition of prosperous civilization. This is the world we cover.

Water is the New Oil

Did you know that a single gallon of gasoline can contaminategallons of water? The result is that it is not just farmers who are rationed.

But even benign-sounding conservation is often unpopular. Similarly it matters little how much rain watered your tea leaves, but shirt-cotton grown by draining lake water in central Asia is worrying.

Is water the new oil?

The spread of global industrialization has been the root cause of shortages in densely populated countries like China, India, Africa, Mexico, Pakistan, Egypt and Israel. This Palestinian Beduin Family of 11 live in the desert.

U.S. Shale: Water Is the New Oil

But now, at the heart of the shale boom in Texas, water management companies are thinking about new ways to move this water, creating a new opportunity in the onslaught of U. Today, Bedouin who survive in the valley have laid pipes down the dry stream bed to suck what is left of the spring in order to irrigate fields of tomatoes they have scratched out of the dry soil.

WaterBridge will announce another deal in two to four weeks, Capobianco told Bloomberg last week. People also changed what they irrigated, so the water now goes mainly to the trees - some farmers stopped completely from doing vegetables.

But agriculture needs much, much more - in fact, 90 per cent of all water used by humans.In the Permian, the water-to-oil ratio is high: For every barrel of oil produced last year, more than barrels of water were produced.

The Williston Basin had around barrels of water produced for every barrel of oil, while barrels of water were produced per one barrel of oil in the Eagle Ford.

Some would consider water the new oil. Even though 70% of Earth is covered with water, only 3% is fit for human consumption, of which two-thirds is frozen and largely uninhabited ice caps and.

Oil is often a major industry focus of many attendees of the Pump and Turbomachinery Symposia. However, at this year’s event, a major topic of conversation was water, or its scarcity, and this was not simply because I work on a water magazine.

Thus people in oil-rich Kuwait enjoy expensive desalination, while Palestinians suffer daily hardship; tourists in Amman can turn on the tap at any time, while those in the poorest areas of the city have access to water for a few hours each week. Oct 05,  · In the book, you compare selling water to selling blood, which is a very dramatic metaphor.

As you see it, what makes water different from other commodities? Activists like to say water is life. And it really it is.

We can't live without it, but the planet can't live without it, either. After all, oil is a high-priced commodity on the stock exchange with major investors.

Water is just water – so ubiquitous that we hardly give it its due consideration. Yet water is a fast-dwindling commodity that is likely to bring further conflict in the near future.

Is water the new oil
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