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In the end, when Gemma returns, Pippa is dead. She moves from India to England, where she is enrolled in a boarding school with a burned up East Wing, snobby peers and an outcast roommate.

She envisions her mother committing suicideand later discovers that it actually happened.

Parent reviews for A Great and Terrible Beauty

But as Gemma delves deeper into her own abilities and includes others in her secret, she puts herself and everyone else at risk. A Great and Terrible Beauty Directed by. It has a few sexual moments and a fair amount of violence, including a suicide and sacrificial killing of a child. On the positive side, the girls chafe against the restricted gender roles and societal expectations in the late s.

I really wanted to know what was going to happen to the characters, both in their normal lives and in terms of the powers and realms of which Gemma had introduced to them.

But the girls soon discover the dangerous power of the realms, a power that will hurt not just themselves, but the entire world. The Bottom Line Set inthis book is perhaps the best historical teen fiction series on the market.

On her sixteenth birthday, Gemma and her mother are walking through the Bombay market when they encounter a man and his younger brother. The creature tries to control Gemma. I definitely recommend this book! Through this diary, Gemma learns of an ancient group of powerful women called the Order and becomes convinced that her visions are linked to it.

Gemma wishes for self-knowledge, Felicity for power, Pippa for true love and Ann for beauty. On the one hand, Felicity and Pippa are mean to Ann, playing pranks, putting her down, and falsely accusing her of stealing. Their personal situations were just as gripping as the mystical dilemmas they had to sort out, and because of this I was reading this book whenever I could!

Eventually, Gemma manages to open the doors between the realms, and she and her friends discover a world of magiccolor and beauty. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

She forms a group with a few of the girls from her school and they call themselves the Order, after the mysterious organization somehow tied to a strange journal and her own dead mother. The diary revealed information about an ancient group called the Order—women who possessed the ability to open the door between the real world and a magical realm.

But Gemma is still tormented with her visions and is warned by the young man she had met in the market, Kartik, a member of an ancient group of men known as the Rakshana, dating all the way back to Charlemagne, that she must close her mind to these visions or something horrible will happen.

He also smoked a hookah while in India. There is also the sophisticated but wise teacher, the uptight headmistress who just might have something to hide and, for good measure, a compelling-yet-creepy young man who utters cryptic warnings to an increasingly disconcerted yet determinedly curious Gemma.

Libba Bray weaves magicadventure and even a love story into one, while writing in a modern voice.

A Great and Terrible Beauty

If you like books about magic and mystery and you want something that will keep you hooked, this book is for you. When Gemma and the other girls go back to the realms, they realize that something has changed. What parents need to know Parents need to know this Victorian Era-set novel involves the supernatural, including girls who visit with the dead and help spirits cross over into the afterlife.

On the negative side, book characters invoke negative stereotypes of Gypies, suggesting they are dangerous and "filthy thieves. I feel like there was a lot of suspense in this book and that kept me reading. There were some humorous parts within the story as well, like when the group uses their new powers to prank others, and this provided a nice break and variety from the general dark atmosphere of the story.

A Great and Terrible Beauty Rating: Two girls are killed in a mysterious fire. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Violence A dark shape devours a man. Gemma takes Ann and Felicity back to Spence, leaving Pippa trapped underwater.

As the three friends awaken, they see Pippa seizing on the ground.Read A Great and Terrible Beauty reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Become a member to write your own review. Engaging start to bestselling Gemma Doyle trilogy.

Review: A Great and Terrible Beauty

Read Common Sense Media's A Great and Terrible Beauty review, age rating, and parents guide. A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY. by Libba Bray. Age Range: 14 & up Kirkus Reviews Issue: Nov. 15th, Kirkus Interview.

A Great and Terrible Beauty Book Review

Libba Bray. installment wraps enough up to satisfy but clearly sets the stage for more,” our reviewer writes in a rare starred review. “How will readers stand the wait?”. A Great and Terrible Beauty Book Reviews.

I honestly did not expect to like this novel as much as I did. I picked it up because I was a bit bored, coming off finishing the Beautiful Creatures series, and looking for something just as captivating. Summary and reviews of A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, plus links to a book excerpt from A Great and Terrible Beauty and author biography of Libba Bray.

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Great and terrible beauty review
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