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Buy Fresh Water Closed Cooling Systems for Mercruiser, OMC and Volvo Penta

With an average of no more than 50 hours annually on pleasure boats the wearing out for an engine that is FWC and well maintained should be measured in decades rather than years. The raw water then exits the heat exchanger to go through the manifold, into the riser and then exit the boat.

Factory Fresh Water Cooling engines are usually installed in larger, more expensive boats. It will wear out in a normal fashion.

Marine Closed

Sea water, instead of air, passes through the heat exchanger and absorbs the heat from the engine coolant and is then discharged overboard. From there it will pass through the raw water pump.

A full range of galley water heaters and cabin air heaters can be installed with an easy do-it-yourself plumbing job. I will probably sell my boat before I have any problems, why should I convert to Fresh Water Cooling?

It may have been, but should not be.

Full flow coolant flow strategy which means thermostat bypassing is not utilized thereby ensuring full coolant flow thru the exhaust system as well as desirable operating temperatures when idling in cold water conditions.

That way you can prevent any damage to your engine. Are there different types of fresh water cooling? There is no reason why it should. Will FWC affect my basic engine warranty? Typically, full systems are more expensive in terms of hardware and, especially, installation. Does it make sense to convert to FWC?

In half systems, the most expensive part of the engine, the block is on the antifreeze system. The additional cost is fairly low in proportion to the total cost of a larger boat. There are several reasons to consider before making your cooling system purchase: After the exchange the cool circulating water exits the heat exchanger and returns to circulating pump to begin another loop.

It also shows that the previous owner was knowledgeable and probably in every other respect took good care of the engine. Will Fresh Water Cooling affect the basic engine warranty?Fresh Water Cooling System Mount. We have other parts coming in daily.

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Fresh Water Cooling

Marine, Hardeeville SC Ads. Mercruiser Freshwater Cooling Kits, find direct replacement water pumps, thermostats, impellers, heat exchangers and other Mercruiser boat parts.

Free Shipping on. "Fresh Water" cooling (also known as "Closed Cooling") is the marine version of the cooling system that you have in your car. Most marine engines started out as a non-marine engine and were then designed to have a clean non-corrosive antifreeze coolant circulating between the engine and a "radiator".

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Mercruiser Freshwater Cooling Kits

This is the marine version of the cooling system in your car. Most marine engines are based on an automotive engine that was designed to. Marine Fresh Water Cooling systems are similar to the cooling system in an automobile however rather than a radiator they utilize a heat exchanger, and rather than using air to remove the heat generated by the engine they use lake or ocean water.

In the marine version of this cooling system (fresh water cooling), the radiator is replaced with a "liquid to liquid" heat exchanger. Sea water, instead of air, passes through the heat exchanger and absorbs the heat from the engine coolant and is .

Fresh water cooling system 1
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