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My personal belief is that this presents a variety of dangers. Practise using the essay vocabulary Learn how to write the essay Get the lesson Thinking about the question We are becoming increasingly dependent on computer technology. The other is to write 2 topic paragraphs about how computers will be used in the future and then use the conclusion paragraph to answer the second question.

IELTS computer technology essay

See how I vary my vocabulary, rather than just repeating the same word. The trick to answering this question is to give a reason why for your answer.

While there may be benefits to this technological revolution, there are also a number of potential dangers. As we move into the twenty-first century, it is clear to see that we have become more and more dependent on computers and information technology.

This is one of my model IELTS essays lessons where you can read the essay get a full lesson on how to write the essay Read the IELTS computer technology essay We are becoming increasingly dependent on computer technology. Part of the way I achieve this is by matching my introduction and conclusion.

The probability is that it will control more and more forms of communication, transforming fields such as education and business when video-conferencing platforms become more stable.

It is important to use different structures to get a good band score; it is not enough just to avoid mistakes. What will it be used for in future?

Making your answer coherent I have two suggestions to make the essay coherent. It is used in business, crime detection and even to fly planes.

For example, if every member of a family had their own computer screen and smart phone, they might speak less and less often to one another and simply look at a screen. This is an easy trick to learn and will certainly help your essay writing.

Be sure to try and vary your future language.

How to like it, share it and save it. Note that you must directly provide an answer to the question. This technology now reaches into almost every area of our lives and it is easy to predict that this phenomenon is only going to grow.

Being academic This essay is quite academic in tone. Structuring the essay There are 2 main possible structures for this essay. Rather I choose to lots of modal verbs such as would, might and may.

Is this dependence on technology a good thing or should we be suspicious of its benefits? It might even affect romance with more people forming relationships online. If you take this second approach, be sure to write a complete paragraph for your conclusion, or the examiner may think you have not answered the question fully.

Grammar and vocabulary This question asks you to write about the future. Just one area in which it is possible to foresee dangers is communication, and if we are going to ensure that computers do not become a negative influence, we need to think carefully how we use them.

My conclusion is that the growth of computer technology is inevitable, but that this may not be entirely positive. This would be serious because our ability to communicate is an essential part of our humanity. There are no prizes for originality.

The second idea is to try and link your paragraphs together. This is quite common in IELTS essays and it very, very important that you answer both halves of the question or you will be penalised heavily for Task Response. A double question The first point to note about the question is that there are in fact 2 questions.

Matching the introduction and conclusion The essay is extremely coherent. It is highly likely that in the future there will be comparatively few aspects of our lives that will not be influenced by computer technology.

One is to write a topic paragraph about each question and a separate conclusion.The Past, Present And Future Of Computer Hacking Essay - Abstract Society relies heavily on technology for many things, but our use of technology opens us up to become victims of cybercrimes, like computer hacking.

The Past, Present and Future of Computer Hacking Our society is increasingly relying on the internet and computers in order to complete numerous tasks. People can grocery shop, earn degrees, receive bank statements and pay bills from their laptop or PC.

Future Computers essaysComputer capabilities in the future-for a computer type Computer is a part of our nowadays world. More and more we become dependent on computers. So far computers haven't overcame peoples' brains, but in the near future computers will be more intelligent than we co.

The History and Future of Computers and the Internet Essays - The History and Future of Computers and the Internet The early history of mechanical computers really began to take off in the mid ’s.

Read this essay on Future Computers. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Comparison Essay: Future of Computers and Humanity.

What does the future have in store for the human race? The question cannot be accurately answered because it would be impossible to describe precisely what hasn't actually occurred in time/5(10).

Essays on the future of computers
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