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The conch that initially becomes a symbol of their order eventually no longer unites them. He has a knife sharpened and ready for hunting, and seems ready to kill any boar he encounters. No longer can his actions be performed lightly, lest they rage out of control again.

Ralph becomes burdened by leadership. But the island is not as paradisiacal as it appears. It can provide them with fruit, trees, vines, pigs to hunt, and shelter. The novel opens with the group of boys stranded on a deserted island. The jungle within the island is inhabited by wild pigs, the very source of their fear.

Ralph, whom Piggy entrusted with his nickname, tells them that his real nickname is Piggy. His ruthless nature and arrogant attitude ultimately cause his lapse into complete savagery.

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The experiences the three boys undergo on the island expose them to the evil that lies beneath their civilised surface. The book describes what people think inside the United States of people living abroad and leaving behind or abandoning their country. Henceforth making it impossible for a national to work for their country as mentioned in the book: He admits, to Simon and Piggy, his failure and need for adults.

He experiences a descent into blindness, even worse into his own death.

Loss of Identity

Jack turns into a hunter, Ralph starts imposing his rule, and Piggy dies. Loss of morality and increasing fear because of loss of identity during this period has created a general fear of dismemberment of culture and society consequence of the II World War.

He is a charismatic and attractive boy whose authority is affirmed by the acceptance of his ideas by others. What he sees are merely shadows of the once civilised English boys.

At the mountain top when observing a boar he participates in wounding it and then performs the blood dance with the others.Loss of identity in William Golding's Lord of the Flies Examples from the novel: face paint (54) Jack wears face paint because he wants to blend in with the forest to kill pigs (54).

Therefore, in constructing a thesis, perhaps a statement that it is only a true civilization that provides identity for people would be a good one. Without the rules and controls of civilization, there is a regression to savagery which erodes individual's distinct identities.

Loss of Identity The book, The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, describes feelings and ideas that Americans had during the boom of the 20's regarding the fear of change or loss in national identity.

The novel When the Emperor was Divine explores the loss of self, physical, and cultural/social identity among the Japanese during World War II.

Initially we must understand how the idea of internment camps came to pass in order to provide a contextual background of why the Japanese suffered harsh treatment.

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Loss Of Identity

From reading the novel “Things Fall Apart”, you instantly pick up idea that the world of the Igbo people is engulfed in ancestral believes and hierarchy. These notions are strongly embedded within the society that the village’s resistance to the European rein by force rumbles disarray in the society.

Essays on loss of identity
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