Essay on protection of endangered species

People have noticed over the years the animals disappearing but Endangered Species is a relatively new term. Vulnerable species are those that have a high risk of extinction in medium term like the African Elephant. Provides authority to acquire land for conservation of listed species. In the Twelve Mile Sewage Sledge scientists found billion pounds of wet sludge in 80 feet of water Caldara Taylor English 9a.

With only a fraction of the species on the planet that have ever existed it is important to keep the ones that we have. Endangered species are classified as species with high risk extinction in the near future like the Blue Whale.

The Dolphin exhibited respiratory trouble and had lesions along their bodies. Before a species is completely wiped out, it is called an Endangered Species. Realizing that animal, plant and insect populations were decreasing worldwide, scientists came together at the first major international conference in called the Stockholm Conference.

Scientist feel that the three in the middle Critically Endangered, Endangered, and Vulnerable are threatened. In May of there were total species on the red list protected worldwide.

There are 10, protected animals and 9, protected plants Defenders of Wildlife.

Protection Of Endangered Species

In the Mud Dump scientist found enough dredge materials from the harbor to fill three World Trade Center towers for each year since Watching them Disappear Earth has roughly 40 million species right now. Authorizes the determination and listing of species.

Without changes being made all that is left to wonder is what is the next Endanger Species to become extinct? That could be spread out over the whole state of Wyoming.

This agency consists of government agencies, conservation related organizations, and 11, Scientists and experts in over different countries Audesirk In September ofthere are 20, total endangered species on the red list worldwide. People had no idea this amount of abuse and destruction was happening to the Earth.

The protected animals numbered and the protected plants numbered Defenders of Wildlife. Until recently the general public has never really paid much attention to the impact they have on the environment. Scientists made a list of these three categories called the red list.

The near threatened species are species that may be threatened in near future like the Magellanic Penguin. Earth has held 10 times that many animals since its inception.

To classify species into these groups scientists and researchers need the funding, time to study the species in the field, and people to help. To assess the conservation status of a species scientist must know the change in population increase or decreasethe percent of breeding success and the known threats.

Afterwards in congress passed the Endangered Species Act which stated: Extinct species are species that are no longer alive on the planet like Dinosaurs.Endangered Species will never recover with the lack of classification, protection and destruction of habitat.

Endangered Species is a group of animals that faces a high risk of extinction in the wild in the near future (Audesirk ). Protection Of Endangered Species Throughout history there have been many different reasons for the extinction of species.

The earliest known reason was million years ago when scientists believe a meteorite struck earth causing the extinction of the dinosaur and of 85% of the species existing at the time (Sherry, 2). The reason I have choose endangered species for my essay is, over the years, many people have.

forgotten about the animals of this planet. And most people would'ent care less if another animal came. to extinction.

Endangered Species

As long as the people have thier new homes, and highways that will take off ten 3/5(4). The Endangered Species Act was established in to protect endangered species. Climate change, caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, has serious consequences for many species, but it is a great concern for polar bears.

An endangered species is defined as "a native species that faces a significant risk of extinction in the near future throughout all or a significant portion of its range.

Example Essay on Endangered Species When we hear of the term species, a class of individuals having common attributes and designated by a common name comes to mind.

However, when the term endangered is used in conjunction with species, this gives us a different perspective, as well as negative.

Essay on protection of endangered species
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