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A discussion of the existing coach education programs addresses the issues of inconsistency, lack of standardization, course formats, and methods of coach assessment. This style believes in winning above all else. They both can be referred to as a steady coaching style.

This made players that were loyal to the team and showed up to practice consistently mad and disappointed because they tried hard and received no benefits for it but the players that took advantage of the coach did.

I have experienced this coaching style not as a player but as an assistant at times because I was an assistant last year and I have realized that this style is important to keep a team together. The style that is most comparable to business-like is classified as conscientious. This shows that they were way more tolerant of intense abusive coaches in the past.

Intense coaching style is the opposite of nice-guy. The athletes that chose this style said that they selected it because of the part that states that all players would have been treated equally and kept in line.

This shows that two authors believe that the one reason that Rice was fired faster than Knight was that the school was willing to put up with an abusive coach as long as they were winning games.

So with the primary and secondary research I have found that the best type of coaching style is business-like. The second to last coaching style in the survey was intense. Dissertation in cover letter foreign tv channels are destroying our culture essay hook life without a mobile phone essay long essay on co education uw madison creative writing notes pdf when do you footnote in a research paper.

You also have to plan out games with strategies and tactics, and plan practices with drills specific to who you are going to playing in the next game and these are both things that I will try to do in the future.

This style is the most professional of the styles. From my experience while observing coaches I have seen that most coaches try to be professional but end up being something else.

He always expects his players to be professional and play with respect. This style believes in not pushing athletes in practice and gives impression of not taking sports seriously. A dominant coaching style has the same characteristics as an intense one.

They have trouble sticking to a professional philosophy. This style is the one that I chose from the beginning and it is the style that I wish to emulate when I am coaching in the future.

This coaching style believes in trying your hardest at all times and plans out practices and games. Most programs do not include a component that focuses on developing coaching competency in actual coaching situations; therefore it is challenging to identify specific behavioral objectives that can be used to measure the effectiveness of the coaching course.

Research project sace evaluation essay one advantage of random assignment is that it minimizes pre existing little miss sunshine dance scene analysis essays. There is always a time and place to be the nice guy such as off the court or if the player need some advice but during the games and practices you need to take things more serious and expect the best effort from your team at all times.

With a business-like coaching style you expect your players to try their hardest at all times which is what I would expect my player to do if I was a coach.

Most of my sources discuss the importance of a good philosophy and coaching style because it will give you a good public image. Another coaching style is oddly similar to this one and that one is called the nice-guy style.

They were Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The administration and inclusion of a standardized coaching curriculum in these countries has professionalized coaching as these programs are designed to provide various levels of preparation, certification, and licensure to individuals wishing to serve as coaches Clark, For the essay q??

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The second to last coaching style that I will describe will be business-like style. Coaching is like a business and you need to have your assistants and you on the same page. Coaches around the country try to use different coaching styles and I will be discussing them each and telling which one I believe is most effective.

It is important to team chemistry to have a good philosophy as well. These numbers are growing, causing an increased demand for coaches to lead these youth and interscholastic sport programs; however, in order to meet the prevailing objectives of youth and interscholastic sport i. This survey was taken by people who played a sport in high school in the past or currently in high school or presently at the college level.

So if you keep a respectable philosophy and treat players equally you can become a superior coach and leader and be more liked by the community, players, and the staff at the school you are representing as a head basketball coach.

This will cause you as a coach to have more stress and lose job security.Read this essay on Life Coaching. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

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Coaching plays an increasingly. So with the primary and secondary research I have found that the best type of coaching style is business-like. The survey results showed this and the articles and books showed that the best type of philosophy is a professional type and the most professional type of coaching style is business-like.

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Coaching research paper 1. Cochran 1Blake killarney10mile.comtBritish Literature19 September Head Football Coach “A man can be as great as he wants to be.

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