An argument against random locker checks in schools

And, yet, school searches of lockers often lack probable cause. Besides its effectiveness in practice, the very presence of a school locker search policy can be an effective deterrent.

Medal detectors are a better approach than locker searches. Schools that have a clearly stated written locker search policy that each student is required to have signed by their parents or guardian usually see minimal legal repercussions from having and using a school locker search policy.

Locker searches are effective. Pros of Locker Searches 1. The locker search is considered to be a type of warrantless search. There is probable cause in doing so. Sinceother major incidents have happened resulting in a growing number of deaths in school.

Ohioit states that a police officer is allowed to frisk and search someone on the streets without probable cause or reasonable suspicion without violating their Fourth Amendment Rights. Without the ability to inspect lockers, young criminals will know that they can hide forbidden things there without fear.

If there had been backpack checks, they would have found the weapons, and then all lives would have been saved. The reason why I think we should have backpack and locker searches daily is because of the number of people who bring guns to school each year.

Legal Issues School locker searches may also run into any one of a number of legal issues. The method is effective in finding drugs if drug-sniffing dogs are used to point out a locker that contains drugs. Effectiveness The primary advantage of locker searches is their effectiveness. They should also have mandatory "Random Locker Check-Up" days in which they tell you to open lockers and show everything inside.

They were able to bring them in and hide them for 2 hours before shooting. Even if there is a privacy issue, students yield that minor right in return for the wider benefit of safety.

Students should not to be considered criminal suspects without probable cause. If students know their lockers are subject to search, they may be less likely to bring banned items to school in the first place, making the school environment safer.

Depending on the state and the decision of state courts, locker searches may open the door to extremely expensive litigation against the school, the principal, the school administration, and the state on the grounds of the violation of civil rights or the right against illegal search and seizure.

I believe all schools should perform backpack and locker checks.

This knowledge prevents students from keeping illegal or illicit material on the school premises. Pro I believe that schools should perform both backpack and locker checks. Schools should be able to search backpacks and lockers because are responsible for the safety of students in school, so they should be able to search backpacks to protect all students.

Preventing student drug use is often cited as a major concern and reason for locker searches.The school should be able to search the lockers because it belongs to that school not the students.

However, under the fourth amendment it states that a search must have probable cause but not a search warrant, and you can not just base it on a rumor. Locker searches reduce drugs and weapons in schools, which is in the interests of all students. The best way to ensure that such contraband items are found and removed is for the school authorities periodically to search a random selection of student lockers.

Random searches of student lockers in grammar schools, high schools, and even colleges have become a national topic for debate in the United States. The United States Supreme Court has wisely delegated the decision to allow random locker searches to the jurisdiction of each individual school district or school.

Dec 05,  · Random locker searches do not violate students’ rights in any way.

Locker Searches Pros and Cons

Emily Winkel is a senior at Hartford High School and is a member of the Gazette Young Editorial Staff. Although American citizens are protected from unreasonable searches and seizure by the Fourth Amendment, random locker searches conducted by schools are not an invasion of students’ privacy.

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In conclusion, I believe all schools should begin having locker checks and backpack checks to protect the students from weapons of violence. Remember, there are overguns brought into the United States schools each day. Pros and Cons of School Locker Searches Parents, teachers and students generally agree that a school needs to be a safe place where students can focus on the important work of learning.

However, there is some disagreement as to the best policies for making a school safe.

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An argument against random locker checks in schools
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